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Comberton v Hemingford 9-01-2022

Comberton 1 – 2 Hemingford 
A perfect Sunday morning for a post Christmas game. The weather was ideal although it seemed a touch cold for the other side, 3 wore beanie hats. The pitch was a wonderfully flat 3G surface which should of played to Hemingford’s advantage but would be tough as the players were carrying a extra few pounds after an indulgent break. 
Hemingford began well considering the time off and a combined intake of over a billion calories. The players created tons of space and played the ball around the young Comberton team. The defence were composed and played the ball between themselves with no mistakes. Kingy at right back constantly pushed forward and linked up well with Paul on the right and the centre midfielders. The midfielders moved the ball across the lines and played the ball through to Gav who burst forward, lost his man and slotted the ball past the Comberton keeper. Great goal! 
After the goal Hemingford seemed to take a step back and allowed Comberton to get in to the game. Comberton had more desire to win the ball and began to cause Hemingford problems. The Hemingford players were completely silent and even Sedge was keeping his ear out for rare bird song, he’s still after that allusive Lesser Spotted Tit. Comberton probed and prodded and eventually scored the goal they deserved before half time.  
At half time Sedge gave a rallying call and the team agreed they’ve all been shit. More talk, more composure and score some bloody goals. 4 subs were made which would hopefully change the game. 
In the second half Hemingford continued with their silence. They players seemed to of lost their voices shouting at their kids over Christmas. STOP FIGHTING YOU LOT! Eventually Hemingford started talking, pressing and battling hard against a very physical Comberton side. A number of good opportunities were created but the goal just wouldn’t come. Matt Bagnall became frustrated and tried to end the game by sitting on the ball and popping it. Didn’t work.
Dave on the left changed the game following his introduction at half time. He provided the link between the defence and forwards. The forwards continued to press and wear the centre backs out. They seemed to keep going off injured? I’m not sure why. A lovely ball played through to Howard in open space in the Comberton box allowed him to slot the ball home beautifully. (Second go at it). So good in fact the centre back and goal keeper lay on the floor crying. 
All in all the game was a hard fought win following the Christmas break and Hemingford really should of won by more. There won’t be many pitches that good to play on this season and the team will be in for a shock when they return to ‘The Hemingford Somme’ next week. Fantastic performance by Kingy, the defence and Sedge in the middle. 

Hemingford v Houghton 12.12.21


Hemingford won 10.1.
We were due to play Houghton at home, but they were unable to field a team, so manager king got on the case ,and we ended up getting 8 Buckden players  1 Houghton player and 5 of our team.
Game on, May I say a big thank you to all the players on both teams .
Captain Sedge gave a great pre match speech which got us all charged up and ready for action.
Hemingford started well ,knocking the ball around ,causing a lot of problems Sedge and Matt dictating the play in the midfield
You will have to forgive me with the goals etc,,I remember some of them,
I was so involved in the game,so I will do my best
The 1st goals came after 10 mins ,a lovely ball from Sedge found jack on the left hand side,who ran on and smashed the ball into the back of the net from 18 yds. Couls and jack were causing there defence a lot of problems. Sedge scored the 2nd when he stroked ball home from 12 yds.the 3rd wasn’t long coming ,this time couls chipping the keeper from 20 yds. That really killed the game off they couldn’t cope with all our attacking ,especially from the right hand side with Jason marauding everywhere.leaving his dad to fill in for him most of the time.
Half time 3-0
Kieran in goal didn’t really have a lot to do, but marshalled his defence well.
Left back terry was solid nobody got by him
Gavin and Andy  were in total control
Jason  excellent in both departments defence and attack
Nigel on the left ,was verbal and worked really hard as always.
Sedge and Matt ,they ran the show ,Sedge pulling all the strings ,with Matt stopping any attacks putting his foot in now and again, and starting attack after attack.
King senior on the right midfield enjoyed the play with Jason, it worked really well,
Jack was busy up top ,never letting their defence settle.
Couls ,plays nice and easy, very rarely gives the ball away .
The second half was a bit of a lottery, the spirit had gone out of Buckden ,and hemingford found it very easy to score goals.
Jack ended up getting 4 goals  his second and third  both times with only the keeper to beat, and the 4th he bundled it across the line.
Couls, ending up with a hat trick ,both second half goals where he rounded the keeper.
Sedge  got his second, again rounding the keeper..I think Buckden had given up, and couldn’t wait to get to the bar for a free drink.
The 10th goal came off the head of Dave, he rose like a salmon  at the back post. Good finish.
Jason had left the pitch at half time with a slight back problem,this allowed Stuart to come on ,I think we had the oldest right hand side with Stu 65 yrs and king senior 64 ,can’t be many sides if any to match that.
One extra thing happened with Kieran getting injured when Buckden scored there one and only goal
If was left to king senior to don the gloves for the last 15 mins.
Never again my 1 and only time, I have now played in every position
Kept a clean sheet.
Result 10 1
Went to the bar afterwards great spread by the players, and free drinks .
The m.o.m. was Matt
We have a great bunch of players now. Thank you all for your support.
Just leaves me to wish you and all your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year
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