Hall Hire Terms


The Pavilion, Manor Road, Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon PE28 9BX

Charity Registration no: 302642 


Contract terms

  1. Any booking for the hire of a room in the Hemingford Pavilion or hire of the playing field creates a contract which incorporates the information set out in the booking form, these terms and conditions and any special instructions given to the hirer before the period of hire begins. Contracts for hire are made with the Trustees of the Hemingford Peace Memorial Field (“the Trustees”). If a bar is required, bar services will be provided by the Hemingford Sports and Social Club (“the Sports & Social Club”).


  1. All bookings must be made using the booking form, and accompanied by payment of any required deposit. The Trustees and the Sports & Social Club reserve the right to decline any booking without giving a reason.
  2. Alterations to a booking must be requested in writing or by email, and are effective only when agreed by the Trustees.

Payment terms

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, hire charges must be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to the date of the event and failure to make this payment may result in the cancellation of the booking.
  2. The Trustees reserve then right to require a deposit to be paid, at their discretion.

Set up and cleaning

  1. The hirer is responsible for setting up tables and chairs for the event, and putting them away after the event, unless setting up is agreed as a specific term of the booking.
  2. The hirer must also leave:
  • the room (and the kitchen, if used) clean and tidy after the event, and the field (if used) clear of rubbish or other items;
  • all lights off;
  • all doors closed; and
  • if a key is provided to the hirer, the building locked.
  1. The hirer may be responsible for additional cleaning requirements to comply with Government guidelines for public health, as have been required during the Covid-19 pandemic. Further details will be provided, if applicable.
  2. The period of the hire must be long enough to allow for setting up for the event, and for cleaning and packing away after the event. The room or field must be vacated at the end of the hire period.

Health and safety

  1. The hirer or a person nominated by the hirer must be responsible for the health and safety of persons attending the event. The hirer or nominated person must familiarise themselves with the location of fire exits and evacuation procedures, and the position of fire extinguishers, fire blanket and the first aid box.
  2. Fire exits must be kept clear of obstructions throughout the period of the hire, and fire extinguishers must not be moved except for use in an emergency.
  3. Candles or other naked flames must not be used in the premises.

Care of the premises

  1. The hirer is responsible for the premises during the period of hire, and for any damage to the premises or their contents caused by the actions or omissions of the hirer or their guests. The Trustees will invoice the hirer for the cost of making good any breakages or loss or damage to the premises and/or its contents.
  2. Pins, tacks, nails, sellotape or blue-tac must not be used to attach balloons, decorations, banners, etc to the premises. Masking tape which leaves no residue may be used for this purpose, but the hirer must remove all traces of tape after the event.
  3. Hirers must not make any alterations to the premises or the equipment installed in them. Hirers must obtain the Trustees’ permission before using the audio-visual equipment installed in the Pavilion, or using their own or a third party’s electrical equipment in the premises. Any hirer using any such electrical equipment does so at their own risk, and will be responsible for any damage or injury caused as a result of their use of such equipment.


  1. No alcohol can be brought onto the premises by hirers or their guests for consumption or sale during the hire period.
  2. If a bar is requested for the event, the hirer must make themselves aware of the Sports & Social Club’s licensed hours (stated on the booking form) and give at least 4 weeks’ notice of any request for a bar or entertainment licence extension. It may not be possible to allow any extension.
  3. At functions arranged primarily for under 18s, at least four responsible adults must attend for the full period of hire.

Noise and disturbance

  1. Hirers must respect the Pavilion’s neighbours and avoid any noise or disturbance to them during and after the event. This includes ensuring that the hirer’s guests leave the event as quietly as possible.
  2. The Trustees reserve the right to terminate any function and/or exclude any person or persons from any function in the event of what a Trustee considers to be excessive noise or any other anti-social behaviour.

Car parking

  1. Cars may only be parked in the Pavilion car park. Vehicles must not be parked on the playing field or on the roadway alongside the tennis courts without the Trustees’ express permission.


  1. The Trustees and the Sports & Social Club have insurance in respect of their public liability for the maintenance and management of the Hemingford Pavilion.
  2. Hirers hiring rooms or the field for business or commercial purposes must have public liability insurance for a minimum limit of liability of £2m and must produce to the Trustees evidence of this insurance before the event takes place. Third party traders arranged by the hirer to attend an event must also have such insurance in place, and produce evidence of their insurance cover before the event if requested.


  1. Neither the Trustees nor the Sports & Social Club will be liable for any loss of or damage to personal belongings or other personal property brought to the premises by the hirer or the hirer’s guests.
  2. Neither the Trustees nor the Sports & Social Club will have any liability in respect of the death of or any personal injury to the hirer or the hirer’s guests, except to the extent that such death or injury is caused by the negligence of the Trustees, the Committee of the Sports & Social Club or their respective employees or agents.
  3. The Trustees and the Sports & Social Club will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, consequential or special damage suffered by any hirer as a result of any breach of contract by the Trustees or the Sports & Social Club.


  1. The Trustees or the Sports & Social Club reserves the right to cancel any booking, but in this case will refund the deposit and all hire charges paid.
  2. If the hirer cancels a booking:
  • if less than one month’s notice but at least 7 days’ notice is given, the hirer will be liable for 50% of the full charge
  • if less than 7 days’ notice is given, the hirer will be liable for the full hire charges unless a subsequent booking for the same date and times is received.

Booking terms version 6/21